What I’d Like to Do with that Elf on the Shelf

This Elf on the Shelf thing — where you move an elf doll around the house so it can better spy on the kids — is one trend I’m glad I can take a pass on. I put a lot of effort into convincing my kids that Santa possesses the surveillance capabilities of a covert government agency. (Electronic surveillance, face-recognition cameras in public, an army of spies, phone taps, all of it.) But that elf bugs me. So I loved this video the folks at Blentec put together. That slow-mo of the Elf blending is not for weak of heart. But I’m sure that Blender can handle that dirty job. I have a Blentec blender and that thing is awesome. It’s powerful, has a menu choice reminiscent of my smart phone, and transforms anything you put into it into a smooth puree. You can keep your Vita-Mix blender. I’m a Blendtec girl.  Just watch.

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