Warning: Don’t Wear These Around a Tween Girl


I donned these GrungeBud Panda Love ear buds from Atomic 9 to do a little multitasking the other day: Listen to a book on tape, clean my house, and try out the sound quality on these adorable jewelry-like buds. My daughter was scarfing down blueberries (now in season) in the kitchen when I went in there to wipe cabinets and counters. I could see that her mouth was moving when I glanced at her. But these are the sort of ear bud that fit right into your ear and block out all sound (and the sound quality seemed fine). And they looked so cute on me, adorning my ears with little glittery pandas, the cord that connected them to my MP3 player looking just like a matching  necklace. And I was at interesting point in my book so I just grinned at her —  the mouth moving could have been simply blueberry-chomp related — and carried on cleaning and listening.

And then a dark look came over my sweet little girl and she leaned closer….and….grabbed the ear buds right out of my ears. Ouch!

“Those are much too cute for you to be wearing,” she told me cruelly. “They should be mine.”

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4 thoughts on “Warning: Don’t Wear These Around a Tween Girl

  1. Very cute, cute and useful an added bonus.

  2. cute headphones; my mom would never have stood for her child talking that way.

  3. They are so adorable!!!!! They look almost like jewelry.

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