Video Camera in My Pocket

I got in the cutest little video camera today: Flip Mino ($179.99). You may have seen its predecessor: The Flip. Well, Mino is smaller (3 ounces), cuter, has a nicer LCD screen, and slicker controls. But the best part is how insanely easy to use it is. Turn it on, point, and press the big red button to film. You can even zoom in a little. There are certainly video cameras on the market with niftier function, higher resolution, and greater storage capacity. (Mino will store 60 minutes of video.) But this is a gadget you can throw in your purse and whip out when the kids are being goofy, your sister gets a bit too tipsy, or your husband floods the kitchen trying to “fix” the plumbing.

And when it comes to posting this embarrassing footage on your Web site or social network, it couldn’t be easier: Hit a button and a pop-up USB plug shoots out. Plug that in to your USB port and it automatically runs the software that’s installed on the camera so you can view, edit, or upload. Sweet.

The Flip Mino doesn’t officially launch till tomorrow but you heard it here first…”Off the record, on the QT, and very hush-hush.”





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  1. Hi , I agree with this article, just sometimes I read so fast everything and I miss things that after read them again, I can understand it better.. ;). Your Video Camera in My Pocket Blog Stumbled up and Bookmarked, so I keep updated on every article you write from now now on pocket digital cameras.

  2. Christina, you have to give her SOME reason to go to a therapist when she grows up! I mean, sheesh.

  3. Hi Andie,

    That’s funny.

    And it brings up a question I have. I took some hilarious footage (with the Mino) of my daughter doing a belly flop instead of a racing dive at swim team and want to share it online. She says she will kill me if I do. So I haven’t. But is this sort of guerilla video posting a modern kid should expect from her mother or should we be following more traditional rules of parenting on this?

    The temptation is killing me!

  4. I got a Flip last year for my birthday and we use that booger all the time. It’s fun, fast, and easy as hell to use and upload videos. My friends and family probably aren’t as thrilled with my purchase as I was, since they not only get their every move chronicled by the Flip, but are later subjected to the videos once they’re up on YouTube. (You can also share them privately via email – the recipient is sent a link and the video itself is set to private so that people just bumbling through the video web site don’t stumble on it.)

    I’ve “sold” the Flip to several friends and family members. Everyone loves it. Video quality isn’t the greatest, and it is limited, but it’s just a simple fun gadget.

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