The Bag Hunt Continues

I got a little distracted by that giveaway and my vacation but I am still searching for the perfect bag for my new laptop. This Case Logic bag came very near. (That’s my daughter modeling it with my laptop.) It’s a pleasant cotton canvas and has that groovy graphic on the side. It is plenty big enough for my baby but not so big it will weigh me down yet it fits the power supply in that outside pocket.

It’s also a very reasonable $32.95 on eBags. My only complaint is that the handle is too minimal. Lugging it is a tad awkward. A shoulder strap would have been so easy to add and that would probably have pushed this bag into the perfection category. Case Logic also makes a messenger bag that looks very similar—only with a bit more room and a shoulder strap. I might get one of those to look at as well though I suspect that one is too big.

But for now, I will keep hunting…

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