Living in Two Places

Ah the joy of getting a new computer. I love mine. It turns on without making a scary noise. It doesn’t churn endlessly, trying to keep up with me. It has freed me from frequent trips to fridge while it recovers from a crash.  But we had our first fight. I wanted to put my hands on an email I got last week but it didn’t have it. It was back at my ex-place. And once we got started I realized there were a lot of my things still over at my old computer. I had been pretending I didn’t need the stuff but since we were on the subject, I had to admit I really did.

I didn’t want to copy all the old baggage that’s on my old computer into my spiffy (and much beefier!) new virtual space. I want everything new and fresh here.  Fortunately the nice folks at Belkin sent me their Wireless Flip, which allows me to connect two computers to the same monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers. It’s like moving out of one apartment and moving into another right next door. My new place is spacious and empty and the old one is a disaster of clutter, pealing paint, and broken fixtures. But if I want, say, a picture, from the old place all I have to do to get it is click a little remote and I’m back in the old digs. Copy the item to a key drive or email it to myself and click again to get back to my new love. Fight over.

Belkin Flip Wireless 2 Port KVM USB; Audio; with rf Remote

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