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I sometimes turn to Lynda.com for video tutorials on technical matters but it’s expensive. And recently, I have discovered that there are many other things that I can comprehend quickly and easily with a quick video tutorial. For example, we are planning to roll our own sushi tonight at home. I have a Japanese cookbook and all the supplies and I’ve eaten enough sushi that I have a pretty good idea what it should taste like and what’s in it. But the last time I did this, I realized I had a few questions about rolling. So this time, I sat down for a quick lesson at VideoJug.com. A Quick search brought me to a charming, quick, and informative video of a sushi chef preparing a California roll. It answered all my questions while my sushi rice was cooking. The site’s tagline is Life Explained. On Film. And it does just that on a wide range of topics from sex and dating to parenting, home repairs, pets, technology, and more.

My rice is ready so I’m off to roll sushi.

3 thoughts on “Learn and Do

  1. These are good alternatives for anyone looking for online video beyond YouTube! Oftentimes I’ve found videos that I loved but when I’ve gone back to the site and forgotten the search word or used a dead link – retrieving that video has been almost impossible. So wanted to share a tip on downloading DRM-free video using the new RealPlayer for the next time you decide to make sushi and didn’t want to hunt this video down again!

    RealPlayer is like TiVo for online video. Download it, and then watch it when you have the time. If you want video on the go, you can burn it to a CD/DVD or transfer it to your iPod for a one-time fee of $39.99 with RealPlayer Plus. The free [and Plus version] are available for download at http://www.realplayer.com. You’ll notice a “Download this Video” button on the right hand corner of videos that you’re watching after you download the software. Then build your own library of clips and share a link to the original location of the video with friends. Hope this helps!

    [Disclosure: I work with RealPlayer]

  2. I love VideoJug. The dating videos are hysterical. Did you watch their video on how to eat sushi? Very cute and interesting, but then I think everything sounds cuter and more interesting when it’s done with a British accent.

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