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I’m Sticking Art to Everything


I got a pitch from the PR rep for GelaSkins a couple of weeks ago. I was very busy at the time but she offered to send me a sample of the product if I would just take a minute to look at the site and tell her what gadget I wanted to skin and what art I wanted on my custom skin. Obligingly, I went to see if they offered a skin for my phone – even though I wasn’t sure I wanted to skin my phone. They didn’t offer one for my phone. But 30 minutes later I had designed a work of art to grace my laptop and was completely hooked.

The art on the site is absolutely stunning. Normally, I am uninspired by the nature photos and ho-hum graphics that design-your-skin places offer. But the stuff here is wall-hanging-worthy. My skin arrived earlier this week and I found ten minutes to get it out of the package and slap it on my laptop today. Wow! My laptop was awesome before. Now it’s awesome and stunning. I can’t stop looking at it.

My kids are jealous. (my budding-photographer daughter wants to upload her own photos to skin all over her iPod, laptop, and phone.) My husband is jealous. My phone is jealous. And I’m a convert.

I’m looking around the house for other stuff to skin. That Wii might pretty up the family room with a floral skin on the side. What about my printer? My water bottle? My desk? The dog? It’s a good thing the site has a rather limited choice (it claims over 100 gadgets) of gear it can skin or I’d be slapping these thin layers of removable pretty all over everything.

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6 thoughts on “I’m Sticking Art to Everything

  1. Very cool post! I know how your husband feels, every time I am in public and I see someone with a really cool looking skin on their tablet or laptop totally makes me jealous! Then I swear that I am going to go design one but I soon lose interest. Well, to my dismay, I actually sat down to design a custom skin for my iPad but quickly realized that I would have to discard my awesome iPad case if I wanted anyone to actually see it! No way! That is a total deal breaker. I will not sacrifice durability for style, these tablets are just too expensive!

  2. Nice skins but it’s too bad they don’t respond to their customers emails 🙁

  3. Nice picture.. And every of your family will be jealaous . lol

  4. Looks good. I may have to choose a skin for my iPhone.

  5. LOL Very cool. Too bad I can’t skin my boring silver crome camera. 🙂

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