Halloween Playlists and Movies

Home for Halloween? Handing out candy? Not willing to brave the weather? Me too. I’m staying in and watching scary movies while wearing mask. But Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. So I plan to enjoy. Here’s how I’ll be setting the mood.

After I pull up Bing’s haunted house and check out that fun, I’ll type the name of a horror movie and the year it was made into Google for a scary treat. Next a few minutes of some Charlie Brown to remember childhood Halloweens. Then, for a real-life Bones episode, I plan to read this story about a skeleton unearthed by Hurricane Sandy.

Now I’m ready to crank the creepy tunes.

No scary music? You don’t have to regret that spooky CD collection you tossed while cleaning house years ago. I plan to dial up a series of Halloween playlists put together by pros.

When that runs out, I plan to check out a few of these Halloween stations (sent to me by Slacker Radio):

  • Halloween: The best mix of creepy classics, freaky film scores and spooky songs from legends like Lady Gaga and Johnny Cash.
  • Halloween Sounds: Haunting instrumentals, creepy sound effects, and the perfect soundtrack for a trip through a haunted house.
  • Kids Halloween: Want to hear Monster Mash or Ghostbusters? Then this is your station for family friendly Halloween songs.
  • Metal Halloween: Halloween is Metal’s favorite holiday. Listen at your own risk for the darkest, most sinister, most METAL Halloween songs and turned it into a radio station featuring Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Misfits, Rob Zombie and more.
  • Indie Halloween: Indie artists singing about blood, death, bones, ghosts, pumpkins, and other loosely-related Halloween topics. Featured artists included Radiohead, Metric, Band of Horses and Tom Waits.

After the trick or treaters abate, though, it will be time for popcorn and a scary movie. My daughter and I have been planning this girls night of horror for weeks. But we haven’t managed to agree on a movie yet. Thankfully Hulu put together some suggestions. That makes it easier.



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