Getting Greener All the Time

I’ve been on a bit of a rant lately about the challenge of being both Greenie and Geeky. So it seemed like HP felt my pain when they sent me a press release announcing that their new Deskjet D2545 printer is made mostly (83 % of its weight) from recycled plastic. It also has a one-touch button so you can kill a print job instantly if you accidentally print out 97 pages from a Web page. Even the package the printer comes in is completely recyclable. Why, even the printer cartridges it uses are made from plastics collected through the HP Planet Partners recycling program. This printer is actually part of a big green effort from HP that they have dubbed the HP Eco Solutions Program. It is “a company-wide effort created to help customers identify environmental initiatives, products, solutions and services designed with the environment in mind,” according to the press release.

This green goodness won’t hit you in the wallet either since the printer retails for $44.99.

I normally prefer to put hands on products before recommending them here but review units aren’t available at the moment and I thought you might want to know about all this greenness. I’ll post an actual review when I can.


Go Green!

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