Check out my new Porsche!


Isn’t it sweet?

And it about as close as I’ll ever get to owning a Porsche. It is the Porsche-inspired Motormouse ($49.95). And I freely admit that I agreed to test it out so that I could make fun of it. Oh, of course I planned to also make fun of the males in our species who feel they are not complete till they own a car like this — because that’s always fun.

My own 13-year old spent twenty minutes ogling a muscle car in the parking lot of the supermarket yesterday and informed me that he was, “definitely” getting a car like that as soon as possible. How quickly they go from coveting a toy fire truck to wanting a red Camaro.

But then it turns out that I like the Motormouse. So my fun-poking plan got thwarted.

It’s a wireless, battery-operated mouse with nice ergonomic feel in the hand. You plug a tiny USB receiver into one a USB port, wait for it to install and you are ready to go. It looks darn pretty with my matching red laptop.


And it comes with a little travel pouch so I can throw it in a bag and easily have a real (sporty) mouse with me on a trip. And, when I do hit the road, I can store the receiver and batteries in the trunk. Fun, pretty, whimsy in a necessary piece of technology? That suits me.

But the best part is that it is nearly impossible to use it without saying, “Vrooom vroom!” and driving it around the table. My kids both instantly wanted one when they saw me driving it around the dining room table. So I’m pretty sure it would make a good gift.

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  1. So where can I get one of these for Father’s Day? I looked on Best Buy the ad just below it and they didn’t have them.

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