Case for a Cause

Otterbox launched a new line of Strength cases today to benefit the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. A full 10% of the purchase price will go to this worthy cause so think about that when you accessorize your iPhone (or iPod Nano).

OtterboxThe cases immediately made me think of my good friend Annette, who I don’t see often enough but who weighs in quite a bit in my upcoming book. Annette wears paisley, stripes, and flowers at the same time, willingly wore a hat with a teapot on it to my wedding, and owns some of the flashiest shoes I’ve ever seen in one closet—right next to her work boots. She’s also a firefighter and a sculptor—so you know her phone is in danger. And she and I met while teaching in the underwater research diving program at Berkeley so you know it’s in real danger. If ever anyone needed a pink case that could protect her phone from bump and shock, it’s Annette. But she should not take this case diving. For that, Otterbox recommends the completely waterproof, Armor Series.



Save 10% or save 20%.  You decide.

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