A Bag To Love

I tried out this handy PocketTop from Belkin for my book and I’m in love with it. It solves a problem I didn’t even know I had: Laptop mess. The idea is you zip the laptop into the bag, string the cord through a slit inside and keep the power cord neatly stowed in the lid. When you want to move it, grab the handle. When you want to work, open it up and leave the laptop inside. Now I move this cute package around the house and on errands around town. I never have to hunt for the power cord and my laptop never leaves a mess. Sweet.

2 thoughts on “A Bag To Love

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  2. From the picture, it looks like it leaves a little bit of room at the bottom for air flow – a big plus over my neoprene case which doesn’t. Although there are straps to allow me to use it in the case, I can’t do that or the computer overheats eventually because there’s not enough airflow at the bottom where the fan is. Also, I usually shut it down completely when I put it in the case, because other modes cause it to get too hot.

    Will check into this case!

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