This Carhartt Vest Is Necessary

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I hike somewhere in the hills in the Bay Area every day. I only go for an hour or two so I don’t need a backpack. I just put on hiking boots and go. I do want my phone, a wallet, car keys, sunglasses, and sometimes a bottle of water. But I’m a girl. So athletic clothing makers think I will have a purse with me at all times. This makes me angry. Who carries a purse on a hike? So I am on a mission here at GeekGirlfriends to expose clothing that gives women pockets. Big pockets, like guys get. The kind that can carry all your essentials. The kind that make a purse unnecessary.

I am pleased to introduce the amazing Carhartt Sherpa-Lined Mock-Neck Vest ($35 – $90). From the moment I put it on, I have worn it nearly every day. My purse has been hanging, neglected, from a hanger in my closet. I only get that girly accessory out for date night. I can honestly say this vest has changed my life. But it has truly transformed my hikes.

Recently, I took a long, hilly hike. It had been mushy and wet for days but the sun broke through, I had some time, and I wanted to explore somewhere new. I planned to be out for a couple of hours. I wore this vest and it was perfect.

This vest has two interior pockets. One fits my Moto Z (a big smart phone) and wallet. The other fits a 13.5 ounce Fred Water, perfectly. The side pockets held car keys, sunglasses, and a snack. I wanted for nothing. It was glorious.



This women’s vest gets what I’m talking about. And Carhartt also makes a version for men.

Extra bonus? They are currently on sale. You’re welcome.

Featherweight Vest for Women