Free Book Downloads from Your Local Library

When was the last time you went to the library? I know. Me too. I love to read so much that I my bookshelves are overflowing but I’m a busy blogger and writer so I use Bookswim and Amazonto get my fix. I also like to listen to audio books on my Sansa View while working out or cleaning. So I have had a subscription at since they launched. My kids also love to listen to audio books. In fact, there is nothing that secures peace and quiet on a road trip like hooking both of them up to and MP3 and video player stocked up with audio books, TV Shows, and music. So we are now a 3 Sansa View family. (iPods don’t work with Napster to Go. I like Napster to Go. So there!)

But I like the idea of the library. I feel guilty about abandoning it. So I am happy to report that the local library is making a huge push to get back in the game. Our libraries have partnered with to deliver free audio books straight to your digital device via the library’s Web site. You have to be a member but you don’t have to actually set foot in the library. Just download and install the software from Overdrive, search for your local library’s site, browse the catalog, enter your library card number, and check out up to four audio books at a time. Install and open the software before you go to the library catalog and start downloading and all will work swimmingly.

If you do want to go to the library and see this in action, look for a visit from the Digital Bookmobile. The schedule is here.

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  3. That is awesome! I will definitely take advantage of this cool tip. No more lugging home a pile of books that you have to remember to return! šŸ˜‰

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