A Happy Winner and Free Books!

I have a winner in the Teeny Weeny Mobile Giveaway! I ran the Randomator 9K and it picked Number 9 (uh, oh now that song is stuck in my head). Dianne is happily listening to scads of music and storing as many photos as she wants on her enV mobile phone. That was already a sweet mobile phone and now it has lots of storage space and an easy way to get her stuff on it. All she has to do is pop that 8GB card into her computer, load it up with tunes, and pop it into her phone. I will have another one of these to give away soon but…

Today I have something else to give away. My book!

I’m giving away three signed copies of my book! Yep! That’s right. Three! All you have to do to get your very own SIGNED copy of How to Be a Geek Goddess is comment on this post. So what’s stopping you! The odds on that last giveaway were incredible. You had a one in nine chance of winning the 8 GB SanDisk memory card. So that means this time the odds could be even better because I’m offering three books. These make great presents for any woman in your life who wishes she were a bit geekier (or who likes poking fun at her geek man) so enter even if you already bought a copy

Good luck!

39 thoughts on “A Happy Winner and Free Books!

  1. Wow I would love to read your book!

  2. as a newbie to your site its fantabulous Love wnd the book would be great too ; )) terry

  3. Finally, a book not pushing the guycentric agenda. Congrats on the book!

  4. A book like this is long overdue! As a computer tech myself, I run into the ‘man-words’ all the time, and I know I would thoroughly enjoy this book!! Your interview in PC World was awesome….(hehe)

    Would love the chance to win this book! Thanks for the op!

  5. Would really love to read this book. would be really nice to have a signed copy. you rock.

  6. Need this book for my girlfriend! “GeekGoddessness” is hot!

  7. OMG, what a great idea! A Geek Girlfriends blog, by a Geek Goddess, indeed!

    I love the entire concept of your book, which I would really love to win and own.

    I’m a long time student of Metaphysics where I learned that the Goddess presence is inherent in ALL of creation. So why not in the innovative, ever expandidng world of technology as well.

    Thank you. The Goddess has arrived in the Techno World and SHE is happy.

    A very Happy New Year to all the Geek Goddesses. <3

  8. Just read article in local paper telling us how wonderful your book is. Well at 66 years
    of age, I am more computer savey than my friends at this age, but would love to be
    even better. From what I see this book is the answer. If I don’t win it, I buy it……

  9. This is one unique book that I can definitely loan my friends. Too bad, I missed this. Is there going to be a similar contest soon?

  10. We just wrote about your book for the “On Computers” syndicated newspaper column, which appears in the papers listed below.

    I really like your book’s easy-to-read, novel-like style.

    “On Computers” appears in the following publications:

    Birmingham, AL “News”
    Little Rock, AR “Democrat Gazette”
    Worcester, MA Telegram & Gazette”
    Carlisle, PA, “Evening Sentinel”
    Spokane, WA, “Northwest Online”
    Mississauga, ON “News”
    Bangkok, Thailand, “Post”
    Shanghai, China “Daily News”
    Hanoi, Vietnam “Vietnam News”

  11. Hi Christina, One way or the other, I’m going to read your book! It sounds inspiring. I’ve given talks to middle school students about creativity and technology. Creativity isn’t limited to painting or poetry or song-writing. There is creativity in creating new things to make life more easy. Why not combine artistry and innovation! Also, have you thought about creating a ladies T-shirt with Geek Goddess imagery? I would buy one.

  12. I just found your blog from the Product Design and Development newsletter. What a novel idea that women are actually technogeeks!! I’d love to read more!!

  13. I just recently found your blog and I love it, I hope I can read your book soon too!

  14. Hey there – would love a copy of this book! It is on my holiday wish list! Also -have you heard on Girls in Tech? It’s pretty cool – http://girlsintech.net/.

  15. Hi! Thank your husband because I found this site as a result of one of his tweets. Loved your article “Why Technology Needs Women,” so I imagine I’d enjoy this book as well. Looking forward to reading more of your work. Thanks!

  16. Loved your article on the need for female product designers, the link to which your husband Tweeted in most flattering terms. The car industry has the same sort of depressing statistics re women making the car buying decision (something like 85%) and yet only 7% or so sell cars.

    Would love to read your book and will do so whether I win one or not. 🙂

  17. I am an avid reader and would love to take a read at these!!

  18. With our current budget being so tight, I’d LOVE to win your book for FREE!

  19. I would very much like your book, Christina, because I am a geek goddess! XO!

  20. I’d like to win too! Looks like a great book.

  21. I heard you Wednesday night on the Point and Click show on KZYX. I really have to have the book, and thank you for appearing on such a small rural radio station.

  22. Count me in. I am always sharing info with my friends, so the more I know the more my community knows. This seems like a great way to get informed!

  23. Hi Christina! I just heard you on our local community radio station, KZYX in Mendocino County…Great interview with Bob. So, I was inspired to check your site out, and here I am. I know what to give my daughter for the holidays! Cheers, Larry (from Ecopalooza Green Events Network)

  24. Thanks so much for the offer. Heard you on the radio tonight on KZYX&Z. My wife would love to use your book… and the holidays are here.

  25. Yay! A cool book for once!! And maybe free too!

  26. I’d love to read your book (I have a couple of your top 10 geeky items)! Sonos ROCKS!

  27. What perfect timing! I found your book through No Starch Press website (I was doing a review on the Mange guide to Statistics.) I popped over here to see more, and you’re giving it away! I so want to win this — I’d love to review it over at Wise Bread!

    Linsey Knerl

  28. Love to win this book!

  29. Sure sounds like book I’d want to read. Love to read your take on this.

  30. Ohhhh, I would love to become even geekier with the help of your book!!! Please, pick me (*snorts and pushes up glasses*)!!! :o)

  31. Oooh, oooh, I’d love to read your new book! I’m pretty geeky (Web designer & longtime Mac-lover) and would love to hone my geek-skills even further. Thanks for the contest!

  32. Would love to read your take on becoming a geek goddess! The world needs more geeky chicks.

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