Win $500 in this Home for the Holidays Wish List Contest

I am finding this run-up to the holidays completely overwhelming. My usual response to that feeling is to get organized so I can at least shut off my brain and sleep at night.

If you have been following along here, you know that I participated in a giveaway of an immersion blender with the folks behind the online organizing tool Springpad before Thanksgiving. Because of that I already had the Spring It! button installed on my browser. So I was trigger happy and ready to sort my Christmas situation.

Thankfully I’m staying home for Christmas. And, after a lot of travel, I’m in serious nesting mode. So I went shopping for everything my home and family wants for Christmas all around the Web, clicked that button every time something called to me, and my wish list was done and organized in a notebook at Springpad pronto.

But this isn’t just about my sanity. It’s about my money.

This is spendy time of year. So I use a wish list to keep the frenzy at bay every year. If I find something awesome, I tuck it away in a wish list, saving the buying for later. Often just putting a little time between the finding and the buying is all it takes to let reason — and my budget — regain control. But I’m really liking the way Springpad takes that wish list and turns it into a visually appealing notebook. It’s more than a memory jot. It’s a place I like to visit and dream. Such an improvement on the wish list tools I used last year.

And the notebook I made goes way beyond Christmas. I found all sorts of great stuff at (sponsors of the financial incentive portion of this post; see details below),, and other shops that my house wants. But my house only gets one Christmas present. So I’ll be referring to that wish list for years to come as I get money to spend on my house. It’s full of awesome stuff. Check it out.

The part about how you win $500.

Okay, you mean to get organized. But you are busy, right? How about if you stood to get $500 for organizing your wish list? That’s right. Springpad and are giving away $500 to spend at to three people who create a holiday wish list and enter it in the contest. That’s way better than a blender, right?

So here’s how you get in on this:

  1. Create a holiday wish list Springpad notebook. You can sign up at Springpad and start shopping online or jotting notes in a few minutes. It’s super easy. And sort of fun. I like to use the Web clipper. But there are apps for catching stuff you find in stores, too.
  2. Tag your notebook with #Holidays2012.
  3. Fill your notebook with at least 10 products from

Springpad will choose three #Holidays2012 notebooks randomly so you don’t have to be a professional designer or a shopping genius to take this prize. You just need to score yourself a little luck. But Springpad will announce the winners on Twitter and Facebook. So be sure and follow so you don’t end up like that poor schlub in the UK who never claimed his 64 million Euro lottery winnings.

Good luck!

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