Why Technology Needs Women

I wrote a piece a couple weeks ago for the online design magazine Product Design and Development about why more technology gear needs to be designed by women. When I started writing, I set out with the usual inertia of starting from scratch with a deadline looming. But a few hours later I was on my daily walk and company meeting with my husband, berating him about the entire industry, why there are no memory cards or Bluetooth headsets that look and wear like jewelry, why it’s only the fashion industry that designs for women, and how women control domestic spending almost entirely and so what sort of serious company would so overlook us?

He listened patiently, nodding and agreeing when appropriate. He knows who controls our domestic spending so he had no argument with me. So he waited quietly till it was safe to change the subject. (Or so it seemed to me. But then yesterday he tweeted a sweet Twitter note to his peeps about the article (and me) and linked to it on Digg.com. Maybe he does care?)

Ultimately my article turned into something of a rant, too. It’s an informed rant though. And my delightful editor at Product Design & Development let me have my way.

Do you ever wonder why it is taking so long for high-tech companies to notice that women buy stuff? You can read my rant here.

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4 thoughts on “Why Technology Needs Women

  1. I love it!!! I have also had the same issue with wanting to carry only a cell phone, credit card and keys. I found these on etsy and made my own with fabric I liked better… http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=8032&section_id=5398586 .
    That’s right, I’m a geek that can sew! :o)

    I love that a few years back some car companies started having women design their cars… I remember seeing compartments for purses, holes in the seat back/headrest for ponytails, etc. Still wishing for a purse (actually, diaper bag) compartment in my car!

    I totally agree with your rant!!! Love it!!!

  2. Oh, now I have an image! Funny. My daughter was telling me about secret pockets women had in their skirts and bodices in the 1700s and I instantly responded,” Oh, I need that for my cell phone!” She sagely agreed that she did to.

    I have a half-written post on ways to carry a cell phone. So now that I know someone else cares, I’ll finish that. There are some stupid ideas out there!

    But here’s one I like: http://www.spibelt.com/

    Thanks for reading!

  3. Funny, I am one of those ladies who has adapted. I walk around wearing my purse (scott-e-vest anyone?) I also abhor the pink-ed out stuff that some marketing idiot thinks is a lady friendly device. Apple has it right with their rainbow hue of ipods. Lady friendly design is not just about colors either.

    Have you ever tried to find a decent way to carry a cellphone without having to carry a purse? That’s why I wear my rather fugly looking vest, since I could not find anything else that would work for me. The few belt clips that I did find might work for Lara Croft. Now if only scotte would make a nicer looking vest with just as many pockets and in better colors!

    I think you hit the nail on the head, these manufacturers should hire lady’s shoe designers!

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