Why Skype?

I’m a fan of Skype. The connections are not always perfect but it keeps me in touch with people all over the world and costs almost nothing. When you go to work every day (I don’t) you run into people at the coffee machine, in the break room, on the elevator. I’d miss that if I didn’t run into those people on Skype. I can see if they are at their computer when I’m in front of mine, send a quick not, or click “Call” and ring them up and talk to them in a computer-to-computer phone call. I have Skype relationships with people I’ve never met or haven’t seen for years. I also stay in touch with people who are around the corner or in the other room. You sort of have to try it to get it but I recommend you do. It’s not a big commitment to take it for a whirl. It’s free to talk or chat with someone else who is also using Skype. Calling regular phones and getting a Skype phone number costs a few bucks.