When Will Your Hard Drive Die?

I’m always telling people to back up the data on their hard drives. But I know many people never get around to it.

Maybe this video that shows — in slow motion —  how a hard drive works will help you see why that drive your rely on will quit one day. And when it does, it will take all the work, photos, and everything else stored on it with it. You might be able to recover it with the help of DriveSavers.com or someone like that. But that could cost you as much as sending your kid to private school.

See? So easy to destroy. Easy to replace, too. Hard drives aren’t expensive. It’s what’s on them that matters. If you have all your data backed up — right up to one second ago — a dead hard drive is just irritating.

Backing up isn’t hard. You can read all about your many options on how to automate the process in this Family Circle story my husband Dan wrote.

Or just go to SugarSync, sign up and follow the directions. Not only will this back up your data so that a fried hard drive won’t ruin your life, it will make it so that you can access your data from wherever you are from whatever computer, phone, or tablet you have handy.

3 thoughts on “When Will Your Hard Drive Die?

  1. I have heard too many stories of data loss. Recently my pen drive decided to stop working and everything was gone. Luckily I had a back up on my computer, but after this incident, I decide that I should back up all my file on a cloud solution we know as drop box.. Power surges and natural disasters can also be a issue for data loss. For businesses i would say beware of storing your files on a hard drive and should think wisely about investing in some kind of hosted cloud solution.

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