Wallet Case for the Galaxy Note

I simplified my entire life with this sweet phone case. Here’s how I did it.

I stopped carrying a purse. (Mostly.) I also stopped carrying a wallet. I put my phone in my pocket and I go.

This phone Galaxy Note Leather Case, with a couple of slots for my license and a credit card, from Superstart was the thing that created this habit. They make one for the iPhone, too. Most of the time, these three things and my keys are all I need. The trick, of course, it to have pockets. And not all my clothes have them. But I’m working on that.

This case is pretty, easy to snap the phone in and out of, doesn’t interfere with any of the ports, lets me charge my phone on a wireless charger without taking it off, and it holds a couple of cards.

If I’m dressed up and have no pockets, I bring a purse. But the rest of the time, this little beauty serves just fine.