Use Your Touch Screen in the Cold (Giveaway!)

Totes / Isotoner recently sent me a pair of their smarTouchTM gloves to try out. The gloves arrival coincided with my daughter’s first ice skating lesson. So I grabbed them to bring along.

These gloves are designed to make it easy to use a touch screen in cold weather without freezing your digits. (Check out the video above for examples of why you might care about this.) Each glove has a conductive thread that is embroidered the index finger and thumb so you can connect with the screen without removing the gloves. “Great,” I thought. “I have to sit in that freezing cold ice rink on an already-cold day and wait – cheering on her tentative efforts at balance and backwards skating. But I don’t have to do it alone. I can bring my entire social network in there with me.”

It didn’t work out like that. We got to the rink and, even though I had warned her it would be cold, her attire was more about how good she would look on the ice than how warm she would be. When I pulled out these pretty teal gloves, her face brightened. She grabbed them and skittered off onto the ice to find her instructor. I considered yelling, “Bring those back! I need them to get on Facebook.” But there were a lot of other parents standing around and it wouldn’t look right sending my baby out on the ice gloveless so I could get on Facebook. So I just let them go.

In the car on the way home, I explained how bored I’d been – and cold – so she promised to go to her next lesson wearing her own non-digi gloves. So I did get to use them the next time we went.

And, as advertised, they made a good connection with my touch screen phone. Better, perhaps, than my own fingers. So I was able to send emails and texts and browse Facebook. And, even though I needed a warm coat and hat to keep from shivering in there, my hands were fine. I even wear them when I’m not using my phone.

The folks behind the gloves also asked me to tell you about their Facebook sweepstakes, where you can win a pair of gloves or an iPad. Here’s what they said:

We’re also running the “Give the Gift of Touch” sweepstakes in which your readers and a friend could win smarTouchTMgloves and an Apple iPad®. All you have to do is send a friend a virtual pair of smarTouchTM gloves on Facebook. If they click on the gift, both are entered to win. Check out for the details.

And totes/ Isotoner has offered me a couple of pairs to give away to my readers. Is it cold where you are? Do you want a pair of these? Just tell me – in the comments – what the weather is like where you are or why you want to use your phone in the cold. I’ll use to pick the two commenters who will get a pair.

19 thoughts on “Use Your Touch Screen in the Cold (Giveaway!)

  1. I’d love to win these for my wife! It’s cold here in the Midwest and I know she’d get a lot of use out of these.

  2. Just diagnosed with a condition that requires me to keep my hands and feet warm all winter season or I get these bumps and rash on my fingers and toes. NICE – I live in Wisconsin!! These gloves would help so I could keep my hands warm while staying connected outdoors. Thanks!

  3. I live in Colorado and am always cold. There are some days I think I would wear these
    in the house and could then use my phone and ipod and keep my hands warm!

  4. What an awesome idea! Its already in the teens here in West Virginia, and taking my gloves off to answer my daughters’ texts makes me shudder! Would LOVE a pair for me, but will also buy several pairs for them, cuz I think it would be a really cool way to actually get them to WEAR gloves out…and not feel uncool!

  5. I’m in Illinios and it’s getting COLD!!!

  6. Just finished the first snowpacolypse (and the 15-hour workdays they bring) here in the Pacific NW and expect more this year. Thanks Mrs. La Nina! I have tried some “texting” gloves and looking for something that lets me use a Droid in the elements. These sound cool!

  7. I was looking for something like these last year! I abandoned my Blackberry for a Droid and discovered it’s only flaw…touchscreens don’t work with gloves. I live in Ohio and will have to choose between warm fingers and social connectivity…unless I get these gloves. Awesome!

  8. What a great idea! I wear gloves often (my hands are ALWAYS cold) and it drives me crazy that I can’t use my touch-screen devices with gloves on.

  9. Brilliant! It’s already cold here in Iowa and it’s just going to get colder. Would love to win a pair of these!

  10. I live in the Mountains of SoCal. It’s going to snow soon. I would use the gloves all the time when I’m outside which is often.
    Thanks for all your info.

  11. People already think I am crazy because I have started wearing my gloves! And, it’s only in the 40’s!! I actually just read about these gloves and figured that since I live in rural Pennsylvania I may have to search for them. Would sure be better to get them delivered!

  12. I bet these are fantastic! I live in Iowa and winters can be pretty harsh. Last year I got a pair of gloves where the fingertips could be pulled back. That concept works but your fingertips still get cold! So these smarTouch gloves sound awesome!

  13. My girlfriend got a pair of these and she swears by them…an awesome find for the winter – now that cellphones all have a touch screen on them! Here in the Philly area – it’s just starting to get cold – and I can’t stand pulling my hands out of my gloves while I’m waiting for the train at the station! These would let me stay up to date on email and not miss my train!

  14. The summer of 2010 looks like it is finally over. Fall didn’t last that long and it was 39 degrees here this morning. We use our Droid X for doing geocaches and it is certainly chilly trying to hold it to find the cache, much less trying to operate the screen to get hints or amplifying information. A pair of conductive gloves would certainly help.

  15. Wow what a nice give a way! I live in Atlanta and the winter weather is pretty mild…Somedays we only have to wear gloves 🙂 I would be so fun to have a pair that I could still use my electronics with!


  16. What a great idea!! I live in western New York and it’s Cold. I also work at a university and often walk from one building to the next. I use my iPhone to check my email and appointments. these would be perfect as I could check my mail without freezing my fingers!!

  17. OMG! I had no idea they actually made these.

    I let my daughter play on the playground each day for 15 minutes after school and it was really freezing here today. I was so irritated that I had to take off my glove (an Isotoner BTW) to check my e-mail on my iPhone.

    These would be awesome. If I don’t win (which I hope I do), Santa had better put these in my stocking!

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