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Trick Out Your Cell Phone

I know that a lot of teenagers are into cute ring-tones. And I’ll admit that I do have a couple of those. But did you know you can easily change the color of your cell phone or dress up a scratched or ugly one? There are lots of Web merchants that will sell you a new faceplate specific to your phone in whatever color you want. Or even a snap-on plastic cover that looks just like you changed the faceplate without the (small) effort that requires. I bought a pink Razr V3 phone a few months ago but immediately wished it was bright red–or purple!–instead. No problem. I logged on and bought a snap-on plastic case in purple and a replacement faceplate in red. I also bought the little tiny screwdriver you need to get those little bitty cell phone screws in and out to replace the faceplate (to go red).

At the moment I am enjoying the plastic purple snap-on cover. It was simple to install, comes off easily if pink suits my mood again. And it has a belt clip attachement so I can clip it to small purses or even–gasp!–my belt, which I sometimes do when I’m doing housework and listening to music so loud I won’t hear the thing ring.

 When I install the red replacement faceplate (which looks like it will take me about ten minutes and some reading glasses so I can see those little screws) I’ll let you know how it goes.

Here are a couple of deals if you want to try it:

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