Top 10 Gadgets I Covet

  1. Sonos Multiroom Music System. We actually have a review unit of this awesome wireless music system here and we love it. We put the base unit in the living room and a satellite unit in the family room. It quickly found all the music on all the computers in our house with little help from us, logged into my Napster library, and was able to access our Sirius radio account, too. It was effortless to set up and we now control all the music all over the house from one slick remote. If someone wants to listen to Tony Bennet Christmas Carols I have only to hit Napster and search. It is ours in seconds. But Sonos wants the review unit back!I want one for my very own. But they cost $999 for a base system.


2. A netbook PC. I can’t decide between the Dell Mini 9, the Dell Mini 12, the Lenovo Ideapad, ( on sale for $349) or the Asus EEE PC ($299 at Target). But I’m leaning strongly toward either the Lenovo or the Dell Mini 12. I will probably want to install a little software once I get the thing and those tiny hard drives (on the Mini 9 and Asus) won’t permit much of that. I got my son an Asus EEE PC, though, and it’s perfect for hauling to school. It runs Linux (instead of Windows) but he’s a kid so he can figure that out. In fact, he likes it. Can’t beat that price though everyone keeps saying to him, “It’s so small!”

3. A Wii Fit so I can do Yoga without leaving the house. But I intend to tell the kids it’s for them, of course. I might even get a skiing game to make that claim stick.

4. A 2.8 lensfor my Sony Alpha 300 because Me Ra Koh taught me how to take amazing portraits with one of these and I want to be able to do that at home.

5. The  Belkin N Vision Router because it is both fast and cute. Yes, it is a router (not one of the vampires in Twighlight.) It runs on the new, super-fast 802.11 n Wi-Fi standard and looks good doing it. It also tells you how fast your Internet connection is.

6. A big-screen LCD TV so the kids can play games while I watch movies on the projector. LCD TVs are the best choice for gaming because they don’t suffer from “screen burn” and they look good in all kinds of lighting situations. As of Black Friday (and a little before) they also got very cheap. I saw a 37 inch LCD by Vizio with 768 by 1366 resolution (that makes it look pretty crisp) for $599 at Costco. That’s the one.

7. A Blu-ray disk player so I can stop listening to my husband whine about how much he wants one.

8. An Eye-fi wireless storage card for my digital camera so I can shoot my photos to Flickr (or just my own computer) without finding the cables and plugging it in.

9. A T-Mobile Sidekick because it will push any email address I want to my phone, let me design my own cover online, and has an awesome keyboard for texting. Oh, wait. I already got one of those. I still love it though. Maybe I just want a holiday cover for it.

10. An Otterbox case for my Sansa View so I can take my tunes in the pool when I swim laps. Unfortunately, Otterbox doesn’t make a case for my View so I can’t have one of those.


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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Gadgets I Covet

  1. I just read your Fit to be Tried in Jan. Family Circle. I am interested in the little wrist gadget. I am not a geek in the traditional (if that can be traditional, the term being only years old!!) but though I was very active when I was younger I married a man that was a geek and did nothing. I quit smoking, gained weight and now that I am 68 and right at 240# I am at my wits end. I have a 24 year old son that bugs me to lose weight, and a very trim, very attractive husband that just shakes his head. This “wearable activity tracker” sounds like just what I need. I have always had sedentary (clerical) jobs on top of all this. I am retired now and addicted to the net. I live so far away from things that I cant walk to anything,,,,store, friends, shops. I could set a goal an aim for it,. That would be fun and useful for me. I am competitive with myself. the morning alarm? great! Which one would you recommend for continuous daily wear? Genny Muntean

  2. Ohhhh, a 2.8 lens!!!!!!!! I covet that, too! I also covet your sony alpha 300 and am hoping santa might bring me one for Christmas! I have to thank you for introducing me to me ra koh – I have her DVDs and have learned so much from her!!! She is amazing and has helped me improve my mom photography skills so much!

    Quick question, if I may take advantage of your geek knowledge… What is the difference between that lens and this one? I am not very familiar with the differences in technology but love that blurry background f/2.8 look!

    Thanks for all of the great stuff you introduce me to on here!!! :o) Happy holidays! :o)

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