Three Happy Winners!

I finally got around to running the Randomator 9000 on my October Otterbox giveaway for breast cancer awareness. Three winners! Many thanks to the incomparable Kristen at Otterbox for thinking of this great giveaway!

I’m not normally a fan of pink but I make a big exception for breast cancer pink. We all do, right? And all three of these women are very happy to have a new stylish and safe outfit for their iPhone. Not only do these Otterbox support Avon Breast Cancer Crusade but they are strong protection for your gadget. They have a membrane (in addition to the hard case) that lets you use your phone while it is tucked inside, safe from the elements—even if those elements are only the interior of your purse. But those of you who live dashing, adventurous, Nepal-trekking , thrill-seeking lives, can stay in touch while you do it. So “Bond” cool. (When are they going to have a female Bond? Don’t you wonder? Halle Berry was close but…)

I wish they made Otterbox cases for my devices because I have coveted one for years. They make them for all manner of iPhone, iPod, Blackberries, and Treos but not for anything I own. They even make a kit with waterproof headphones so you can lap-swim with your iPod. And, truth be told, that is almost incentive enough for me to get an iPod. Tunes while I swim laps would be awesome. That might actually be the very thing to get me to swim some laps!

And now a few words from my lucky winners:

Julie of says, “I can’t remember the last time I won something!  I’m very excited to be a Geek Girl!

Jill of GlossyVeneer says, “I’m pretty excited about this! I’ve been thinking I need to be more ‘European’ and dress my cell phone in different cases. ;-)”

And Corrine of The Girl with Moxie says, “Thanks for the good news! I’d also like to thank the Tynan-Woods for having some of the best written, most informative and funniest blogs on tech on the internets. (And no, I’m not sucking up!)”

Corrine is referring also to my husband’s blogs, and Culture Crash. He is a pretty funny guy…

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