Back in August, I got an email from Microsoft’s PR, asking me if I’d like to participate in a PC loaner program where the company sends me a netbook loaded with Microsoft products to try out for a year. I thought about it — for a few minutes. But what’s not to like about that offer? All I had to do to get started was say if I prefer brown or pink, which was tough question. But I managed. (I chose pink because that color would act like a force field protecting it from my 14-year-old son.)

The package showed up over two weeks ago. (I’ve been a bad blogger because of a rash of deadlines for print publications.) And I knew I’d made the right choice. This Karim Rasheed Asus netbook is glamming up my purse, making me the envy of all the parents and tweens in my daughter’s 6th grade class, keeping me organized on the go, and causing quite a few tiffs between my daughter and I.

My plan worked. My son — who usually grabs anything with a Net connection — is avoiding this bit of pretty as if it had fangs and was hissing at him. But I do have to keep my purse or with me at all times or it disappears into my daughter’s room, where she has developed the habit of video conferencing all her BFFs.

The exterior isn’t just pink. It is wearing a flashy, textured pink shell. It even has little feet like you see on the bottom of a high-quality purse. And, while it is small enough to haul everywhere, it has plenty of power to run Windows 7 and the latest version of Microsoft Office, which came installed on it.

I have been using the beta of Office 2010 since January. But it had a few key features disabled. So I have been recently trying to decide if I should go back to the last version, which I own. Or ante up the $150 for Office Home and Student. I figure this netbook can help me decide. (I don’t use Outlook anymore so I’m not considering the other versions of Office.)

There were strings attached to this offer from Microsoft — namely that I blog (or Twitter) about this netbook at least once in the year that I am allowed to keep it. I don’t like being told what to blog about so my naturally oppositional nature toyed with refusing over that. But no one said I had to like the netbook in my post. But here I am liking it anyway, despite my oppositional self. It turns out that fighting Irish is being used up fighting with my daughter over who gets to use the thing.

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  1. Now is that an adorable net book or what? No wonder you can’t help yourself liking it. 🙂

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