There is still time!

I want to remind everyone that I am still giving away a cool Sony digital picture frame. I had a lot of fun with the comments on that one. You all are so hilarious! But I’m greedy! And I’m not giving this baby away till I get more comments. (Bwaaa Haa Haa!). But hurry it on up because I have more giveaways here (and some sweet bags to show you) and I know you want to hear about that stuff.

I know some of you were scared away by the competition on the frame giveaway. You have to tell a sob story or a funny one in the comments about why you need one. That’s hard enough, right? And then that Tdi came along and had both a killer wit and a dead boyfriend. How could anyone compete with that? Can’t. So I bought her off! She doesn’t need a picture frame. She needs a distraction. I’m sending her something for that. So go for it! You can still win this thing.

Feel free to comment at the end of this post or–if you want to read the other comments–here.