The View from CES

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I did not go to the Consumer Electronics Showin Las Vegas this year. Neither did my husband, though the annual Vegas craziness is something of a tradition for us. This year, magazines are cutting back and no one was footing the bill so we stayed here and toasted the show from afar. I hear that it was packed, despite our absence.

I did do a quick video interview with a geek girlfriend who not only made the trek to the show but who also brought a camera crew so she could share.  Jamie Sorcher (according to her publicist) “is better known as “the Gizmo Girl,” the most popular and sought-after gadget guru in the country, and a renowned expert on the latest consumer products, both practical and unconventional.” Jamie pulled some cool gear out of the show to show us. Some of it was pretty tempting. In particular, I plan to get my hands on the Panasonic HD Plasma TV she shows in the video. (She says pricing on that hasn’t been set but Panasonic offers slightly different models at its site and the prices will illicit an “Ouch.” And now, with no further introduction, I bring you Jamie, The Gizmo Girl: