The Skype Heartbeat

 All working normally.

 I learned this morning how dependent on Skype I have become. Want to ask my husband (at work in his office all of 20 steps away) a quick questions? I fire off an instant message. He can answer it even if he’s on the phone–or when he gets off the phone. But I asked my question and moved on. Same with my son (also in the other room) or colleagues and friends in Californial, Turkey, or London. But….it didn’t work for a while there. I had to get up from my desk, not ask the question (or say hello), or–noooooo!–pick up the phone. Things are getting back to normal now.

But I did discover one cool thing in all of this. Skype has a “heartbeat” blog that shows a beating heart for systems that are working….do you get a heart attack when they aren’t? Now I need to know.

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