I recently had an argument with my husband over the price of Zombie-white contact lenses for use in a Halloween costume. (We love Halloween and take the costume bit rather seriously.) It was a stupid argument, admittedly. He thought something this frivolous would be nearly free because he believes things are priced based on how much he values them. I insisted that anything you wear in your eye would be expensive because of the potential for injury and necessity for quality control. Oddly, it didn’t occur to either of us to go look up the price on the Internet. I didn’t actually believe the things existed at all. And I suspect he didn’t either. We were both arguing for the sake of the argument. It’s good to stay in practice with arguing and it isn’t like this is the sort of disagreement that ends with someone sleeping on the couch.

Then something strange happened. I got a press release from CouponShack.com about their list of Halloween costume coupons. And right there in the press release, it said there were coupons for savings on Halloween contact lenses. It turns out, I’m right. (Was there any doubt?) Zombie contact lenses – from VisionDirect – typically go for $34.99 for EACH EYE. See! I think that’s a bit expensive for a Halloween costume. Though it’s not too bad for something you wear in your eye. If I enter SCARY15 at the checkout, though, the price drops to $29.74. If I wanted to be a one-eyed Zombie (maybe with an eye patch?) that would be striking range.

I am not a usually a coupon shopper – at least not when it comes to groceries and sundries. (I like to get free shipping.) I’ve tried it. But it seems to me, most coupons are for things I don’t want. And if I paid too much attention to them, I’d end up spending money I would never otherwise have spent. But I have to admit I’m intrigued by this list of Halloween costume coupons. Just browsing the list opened up my costume shopping options enormously.

For example, my dog would look ridiculous in this:


And I get free shipping if I spend $50. (Though that little number is only $15.99 from Costume Kingdom.)

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  1. Thanks for mentioning CouponShack.com– hope we can see your Halloween pictures after the holiday!

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