The Most Adorable Netbook

When I pull this Sony Vaio P series computer out of my purse, it draws a crowd the way a puppy does. Everyone wants to get a closer look, hold it, ask a few important questions, and gaze longingly at its screen.

And when I say purse, I do not mean my huge one that doubles as luggage but the tiny fashionable one I use when I only have to carry a wallet and few essentials. The thing only weighs 1.4 pounds – or about twice what my wallet weighs when it’s light on cash. I show it here with that wallet and my reading glasses so you can get a sense of just how portable it is. It is absolutely adorable.

Some (most) netbooks are underpowered by today’s laptop standards but not this one. It’s running Vista and packs about as much power as my full-sized laptop. It even has built-in GPS. (Specs are here.) So sweet. And if that red isn’t your thing, it comes in green, gold, black, and white too.

You know there has to be a drawback, right? Nothing could be this perfect. So, here it is: Prices start at $999. Sigh. Oh, and I need those reading glasses to see the screen, too. (Also the little thumb-pointer in the center of the keyboard was maddening for about 10 minutes. Then I got the hang of it.) Of course, wearing reading glasses would be a sacrifice I would willingly make if could somehow justify dropping that kind of cash.

3 thoughts on “The Most Adorable Netbook

  1. I love the looks of this netbook! But alas, it is way too pricey for me. I’m satisfied with my $258 Acer Netbook. Not flashy like this Vaio, but it has proved very reliable and fits very nicely in my purse.

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