The Key to My Data


You have all heard me rave about the joys of having an office outside my home. You know I love the quiet, the distance from the refrigerator, and all the work I’m getting done. (Those beautiful views from the ninth floor are also pretty sweet.) But having an office is reacquainting me with some elements of going to work that I had almost forgotten about: Dressing up, packing a lunch, and carting files from my office desktop to my at-home laptop. But I am sporting the cutest little key drive these days that I’m enjoying that last one. I don’t have to hunt around in the bottom of my purse for a portable drive to drag files to, I’ve got one right on my key chain: The LaCie 130869 4 GB iamakey USB Flash Drive. And I always know where my keys are since I need them to get in my office. There it is in the picture. It looks just like a key. But it’s a 4GB portable drive. I just love it.


5 thoughts on “The Key to My Data

  1. i’m surprised nobody has come up with something like this yet. I’ve lost so many USB drives in my life but this would solve that problem!

  2. I totally do too, it’s not only cute but super functional!

  3. Oooo. I think I want one! I hate digging at the bottom of my purse for mine.

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