The Giveaway Continues!

Looking for Touchsmart

Looking for the HP TouchSmart Giveaway? You found it! Click here, read to the end of that post, and comment there to enter. (You can comment on this post, too, but that won’t enter you in the giveaway.)

For all of you who have already thrown your comments in to win the HP TouchSmart that HP is giving away here, I have bad news. Don’t get me wrong. I love reading all about the computers you have, why you want this one, and who in your life will benefit from this lovely entertainment hub. You are a funny and generous group and I’m happy to be a part of it. But I’m not ready for it to end!

I warned you! I’m a greedy blogger and I want more comments. I know it’s hard to tell someone about the giveaway when you want to win this thing for yourself. But I’m afraid that’s the way of this brave new social media world. FedEx took my loaner TouchSmart back to HP this morning. So I’m a bit cranky. What would make me feel loads better? If you all got out and spread the word so I can have: More comments! More comments! More comments!

Meanwhile I will carry on with my regularly scheduled programming. So stay tuned.

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