That Was a Grand Adventure

Okay, so I know none of you fell for my (and Microsoft’s!) April Fool’s joke yesterday. I don’t have a copy of Alpine Legend to give away because Microsoft never made that game. The company only made that hilarious promo video and Web site for April Fool’s Day. It was so funny, I watched it three times. But for one person who comments in that post, I will send a real XBOX 360 game. I’ll choose a winner on Monday so you still have time.

Are there any fans of Wallace and Gromit out there? I love this Lancashire Englishman with a fondness for cheese and his highly competent canine and I watch every Nick Park project as soon as it is available. But did you know there are games? The PC games sell in a four-episode bundle that you can download from The bundle costs $34.95. Fright of the Bumblebees launched on March 24 and the subsequent episodes will be delivered in May, June, and July.

I played Flight of the Bumblebees yesterday and it was a bit like being the one invisible character in a Wallace and Gromit adventure. This is a slow-paced, beautiful game you could play with a small child in your lap. You could even hook a laptop up to the TV and watch – and play — with the entire family. It’s beautiful to look at and quite funny. You do have to participate in bits but some portions of the game simply play out and entertain. I plan to set my entire family down in front of it for a little popcorn eating and cinematic game play over the weekend. Here is the trailer to give you a taste:



And you can download a playable trial of the first installment here.

2 thoughts on “That Was a Grand Adventure

  1. “It’s CHEESE, Gromit!”

    Cracks me up every time I hear it!

  2. I’ve been a W&G fan for years!

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