Taking Great Photographs

I thought I would come out of this Sony blogger event with some tidbits to share on Sony cameras. And I do have some very specific things I want to recommend about the cameras I used here. But before I get to that, I want to share the best tip I have found to date in my own quest to take better photographs with a digital camera: Ma Re Koh! She was fun, made things like F-Stop, ISO, and aperture crystal clear. In fact, she made it clear how you don’t have to get those terms to take fantastic pictures. I know what you are thinking. “That’s very nice for you but I can’t afford to hire her to teach me to use my camera.” But that’s where you are wrong, girlfriend. She has packaged her hilarious workshops onto a set of DVDs. And you can afford that. They are here.


She will improve your photographs no matter what camera you are using. And, if you are shopping for a new digital camera, my next post will be about cameras. I promise.