Sweet New Google Labs Gadget

Do you use Google Calendar? If you do, and if you share your calendar with friends, family, and colleagues to make scheduling group activities easier, you should check out the new Labs feature that launched today. It’s called “Smart Rescheduler.” Say you set up a dinner outing with your entire gang and your brother’s family. It was a lot of work finding a time when everyone could fit it in. And then, after you think it’s all set and on everyone’s calendar, your brother remembers he has tickets to a basketball game that night. Grrrr. Back to the drawing room. And naturally, it falls to you to figure out a new time. Just click the tool (after you install it; below) on the right side of your calendar and it searches everyone’s calendars for the next time that works for everyone. You can even specify the date range and times of day you want it to consider so you don’t end up eating dinner together at 2am. Pretty cool.


How do you get it? Along with a lot of other experimental add-ons for Google Calendar, it is in Google Labs. As you can see from the screen shot above of the gadgets in my calendar, I also use the “Jump to date” and “World clock” gadgets. I can’t tell you how often that World Clock has saved me from embarrassing scheduling mistakes.

Just click on the lab icon (labs-icon) in the top right corner of your Google calendar. Then simply tick the “Enable” box on any of the gadgets you like. Turning them off is just as easy.

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