Sweet Little Bag

I’m already experiencing more MacBook Air lust than a die-hard PC girl wants to admit to in public. Then I go and find this adorable little handmade bag by Austin Nicole at my favorite site for finding hand-made and unusual items, Etsy.com. This bit of handmade bling is called the Bonnie Clutch ($30) and it would just fit a MacBook Air and tuck daintily under one arm. It comes in many other patterns, all a 100% cotton canvas. My daughter is holding it here but Austin Nicole has lots of photos of all her designs over at her site on Etsy.

This purse is too small to fit my 14″ screen Gateway laptop, which looks chubby and out of proportion next to an ultra-portable. But it might hold a Sony Viao TZ. Unfortunately I don’t have one of those on hand to try it out. This bag is more about the pretty than it is about providing durable laptop protection or storage. But if you are an international spy working a black tie event in need of something fashionable to hide a super-compact laptop in, this would absolutely serve. And you could use it for a purse, too, since that’s what it was really designed to be.

3 thoughts on “Sweet Little Bag

  1. Smells like lemons.

  2. this is a really cute bag!

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