“I just got my driver’s license,” my 10-year-old daughter announced the other day. “Now I need a car!”

“That’s good honey,” I responded. Her words gave me a shock but I think I pulled off a calm shrug.

“I have an apartment, you know!” She announced thirty minutes later. “I don’t have to live with you anymore!” (That put the current mess in her real-life room in perspective as I imagined it empty of her and all her things.)

My daughter’s unusually accelerated growth started last week when the folks at SuperSecret.com, a new social gaming site for tweens (aged 10—13) sent her a free one-year pass to the game. What really got her attention was the brightly colored paint bucket the game passes (there was one for a friend too) came in. There was also plenty of candy, silly string, and an adorable hat in the can, too.

“I love this game!” she announced before she’d even played it, munching happily on the candy, spraying my office with silly string, and wearing the (very fetching) hat backwards.

But now that she has logged several hours on the game, I can say that she does, in fact, love it — and not only because they sent her such sweet swag. (That’s her character above at 15 in her apartment. Only in a virtual world could she have a house-horse for a pet.) She is talking it up to all her BFFs and trying to get everyone to join her in growing up too fast online. And I am slowly getting used to her excitement at being able to do things, virtually, that she won’t be able to do, really, for a few more years.

The premise of the game is that instead of playing as a Penguin or a stuffed animal, the character you play is a kid. “In all our focus groups,” explains the site’s CEO, Ted Barnett, “Someone would inevitably say, ‘I want to be a person. Not an animal.'”

So that’s the idea. As kids progress through the game, they get older. They start out as ten but they grow up fast. They’ll get more freedom, learn to drive, and go off to college before the summer is even over. They get to do all the things kids are in a hurry to do and parents wish would take a little longer. Kids’ real-life identities are still cloaked by an avatar and a fake online identity. But that identity is human. Like most social games, there are lots of puzzles to play along the way but Barnett says he put special care into selecting popular games that already existed to give the site great game play and allow him to focus on the social elements.

The Giveaway: SuperSecret.com wants to give one of my readers this swag bucket (shown) with candy, stickers, silly string, a hat, and a couple of free passes to the game. (A subscription to the game normally costs $4.95 for one month or $19.95 for 6 months.) Post a comment to enter to win.


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29 thoughts on “SuperSecret Giveaway”

  1. My daughter would love this sooo much! she spends her time being a trouble maker and i cant find things for her to do any more..!

  2. I think that is really cute!I would love to have Swag Box! I am only 10 years of age! And i love supersecret it is really brilliant.

    Thanks so much for all the info and prise,

    Raspberry 75

  3. hey you know you can guyz sign in 2 for me this is the best because your get to chat with your friendz and play alot off games yuor like? joing know right here in http://www.supersecret.com :]

    i ♥ u
    from: lizbeth :]♥♥♥

  4. i hav one , i love it!! its so much fun my person is 15 . i play it all the time its great! im 11 turning 12 in 11 days so . but its a REALLY fun game…

  5. hey i love this tons its fun i meet people aroung the world parents your kids will love this i know this becaus ei love it and im 13

  6. I would love a memebership i love this game!!!

  7. I totally wish I could have that bucket! I love supersecret! =D

  8. I am 12 yrs old and love the game so much i want it please give it to me! <3

  9. please give this gift to me my friend has to watch 9 kids and her 16 yr old sister just beats her up everyday she has been begging her parents for it but they say when you start paying all ghe bills and for clothes and groceries then i will get you a super secret account

  10. My 8 1/2 year old and her 10 year old friend (who is a boy) both love SuperSecret.com; been playing it all morning!

  11. Christina, love the game portal (just tweeted about it), and this game sounds great. Going to have my daughter go there now (we still have a few more weeks until school starts!); kid-friendly MMORPG like this are few and far between. Thanks so much for the head’s up.

  12. My daughter would love this game. Should I be embarrassed to say that I would probably like it too?

  13. My son would love this! he is 11, and i love you blog design!

  14. I think my grandson would love this game, that is if the game is also geared for boys and not just girls. Heck, I think it would be fun to play this game!

  15. My little bit would love such a thing. She just turned ten and likes to keep reminding me that it’s only another year until she’s in middle school (I’m sure just to make me feel old).

  16. Hi, I work at SuperSecret.com and I have 2 tweens who love the game. Chris, some of our most ardent players are boys and the game is definitely boy-friendly. Thanks for all the great comments!

  17. Cool! This sounds like something my 11 yr.old son would be very interested in – is the site boy-friendly? The fun can of goodies is a sweet added bonus!

  18. Anything with silly string is good in my book!

  19. I would die not once, but at least forty-eight times for this swag bucket.


  21. My godchildren would love this.

  22. My niece would love this game!

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