Shopping Like a Geek

I have been trying out CheckPoints – The App That Pays You Back recently. Anyone else using it? It’s sort of like an in-store video game that pays cash. I’ve been having some data problems getting a good connection in the back of some of the more cavernous stores I shop. But, even with some half-hearted and data-thwarted shopping, I earned a $1 Amazon gift card while picking up the groceries.

Here is a video on it from Clark Howard:

And here is the official Checkpoints explanation video:

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2 thoughts on “Shopping Like a Geek

  1. Thanks for sharing such a cool app. I’ve just downloaded it onto my Droid. can’t wait to use it the next time I go shopping. How much have you been rewarded so far?

  2. Oh, that’s cool. Downloading now and hoping I remember to use it! (I forget WeReward quite often!)

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