Sex and Technology

I put out a query this morning looking for women to talk to who use technology to find love, keep a istock_000002760089xsmall.jpgrelationship alive, or heat things up with a spouse, partner, or boyfriend and I got some amazing responses. In fact, I got so many responses that I have responded to only a fraction of them so far. (If you sent me one and haven’t heard from me, I’ll get to you—I hope.) This is research for the LAST chapter of my book. And I was completely amazed by the stories. It would seem that technology has completely transformed our relationships: how we find them and how we keep them. So I am now fired up to tell these stories. If you have one, please feel free to email me.

But lurking in those emails—among the stories of love found across continents or despite cultural and language differences, marriages proposals via email, and love made through Web cams, came a great geeky tip! So I thought I would share it with you here.

Did you know that you can upload your photos and videos and share them with friends and family on TiVo? It would have been fun to send my family a feed of my photos when I was in California last week. If only I had know. You use One True Media to create video and photo montages, then create your own channel on your TiVo and your friends and family will find you in their Now Playing List. The directions are at TiVo.

If any of you reading this have used technology to build or enhance a relationship—romantic especially but not exclusively—I’d love to hear from you. Any Twitter proposals? Steamy text messages? I’m also covering the dark side so if you’ve had all your personal musings published by an angry ex, I’m sorry. But maybe someone could learn from your experience?