I am seriously into online shopping. I don’t mean that I buy a lot of junk I don’t need – at least not any more than any other overworked Mom on a budget. I buy everything I can – that I need — online. Going to stores takes too much time. But more to the point, I enjoy myself in stores and get fiscally relaxed and buy things because they are on sale or pretty. Online I frequently drop things in my cart for those reasons but when I see the tally – before anyone took the time to ring me up and without a line behind me – I put back the stuff I don’t need and whittle the total down to something in my budget.

It’s also easy online to buy things from various merchants online without having to spend all day on it. I like to buy underwear from one place, for example, and pants from another. My kids like one brand of clothing and I like another. Online it’s all the same to me. I shop for exactly what I want at the best price going.

The big hitch with online shopping, of course, is the shipping fees, which vary wildly and can nix any savings I gleaned from my cunning comparison shopping right at the end of the process when my time is up and my will is weak.

Because of this, I have developed favorite merchants who don’t sneak high shipping costs in or who offer free shipping if I let my cart fill up for a while before I order. I get email alerts from these merchants so I know when things are on sale or when they are offering shipping specials. But keeping track of who is offering free shipping – and the necessary codes to claim same—is a hassle. So I was sort of thrilled to lately discovered FreeShipping.org. Now I get a list every week — with the necessary codes — of every store I like that is offering free shipping. Some weeks I don’t care. And other times, I wait for those codes before I place an order.

Even better, Freeshipping.org has an awesome collections of frugal bloggers who offer tips on everything from saving money having a baby to trimming the electric bill. Great stuff. Check it out.



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  1. Wow-I checked it out to see if I could get free shipping ($7 off) from a Chadwicks order I’d been putting together but instead found a coupon for $30 off my order!!! So instead of free shipping I got a free dress! THANK YOU for being such a valuable resource to busy moms like me who don’t even have time to park at the mall, much less shop there!

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