Sampled from the Signal

“You can’t stop the signal, Mal!” Those are the dying words of Mr. Universe in the film Serenity. Even as evil government assassins invade his comfortable space home to kill him, in this fun space western by Joss Whedon, the information stream that feeds in from all over the galaxy continues to flow in through the monitors on his ship.

My home seems to be becoming a more like his every day. The signal streams in here on a 100-inch image on the projector in my living room, my teenager would rather feed on that signal than vegetables, and it follows me wherever I go via the Android tablet in my purse. So this morning I thought I’d filter out some of the space junk and pull together a sample from todays’ signal. I can’t guarantee there are no subliminal messages meant to jump start the assassin living on your ship (that would explains a lot of my own teenagers’ behavior) but it makes for better entertainment than I had growing up.

  • Warning teenagers: Learn to spell. Or you too may be laughed at by millions. The misspelled rant of one unhappy 13-year-old gamer becomes a biting social commentary and several minutes of entertainment in the hands of a game creator with a sense of humor. It went viral – meaning it was all over the signal today.
  • Family Circle is giving away a yoga-mat toting backpack.
  • Be careful what you wear around Prairie Dogs because they are apparently discussing our fashion choices.
  • Starbucks announced a new super-sized coffee but only to markets it considers “big enough” to handle it.
  • Sean Parker says The Social Network is a “complete work of fiction” and that he “wishes” his life included more partying with Victoria’s Secret models (Skip to minute 5 if you want only that part of the interview.)
  • Everyone seems to be trying to decide what they think of the social question-and-answer site Quora. But – today at least — a lot of people seem to agree with this guy. My take? Ho hum. Or maybe I just don’t get it yet?
  • You should quickly compare the information you share on Facebook with the passwords you use in your social network profiles. This article (written by my husband and coming in on my signal from many sources) sums rather viscerally why this is important right now. It’s also fun to read.