Since I’m recovering today from spending 21 hours getting home from Copenhagen (shown), I can think of no better time to announce this giveaway.

I have here one Broadband2Go USB device to give to one lucky reader. How cool is that?

I own one of these thingamobs and I love it. I scoff at all those airports, cafes, and hotels that want to charge me a fortune just to log onto their Wi-Fi network. I whip out this little gizmo, plug it into my netbook, and click connect. I’m up and surfing in seconds. But the best part about this particular 3G (cellular) data device is that it is prepaid. I don’t pay a monthly fee. I just load it up with $10 before I go on a trip –or whenever I find myself in need of mobile Net access.

I’m not the sort of road warrior who can justify spending $70 a month for mobile Net access. I can get my email to my cell phone and limp onto a Web site or two with it. But I do travel. And when I do, I always long for a way to log on without paying the highway robbery some hotels and airports charge for Wi-Fi. This device is perfect. I only pay for cellular Net access when I need it. I even share it with my husband when we travel (if he asks very nicely) because it’s easy to move from one computer to another.

And now you can (maybe) have your own Broadband2Go device for free. You’ll have to pay to connect once you get it but connecting is remarkably inexpensive. I put $10 on mine before we left for Copenhagen. Dan and I both used it whenever the need came up to download email or surf the Web. It was a one-week trip and we still haven’t used up that $10. (Though it did not actually work in Sweden or Copenhagen. There is a coverage map at Virgin Mobile. It runs on the Sprint nationwide 3G network.) We did use it quite a bit in airports on the way to and from the northlands though.

Here’s what you do: Tell me – in the comments – where you are planning to go with your laptop or netbook. Someplace exotic? The café around the corner? Your mother’s house? I will run the randomizer on the comments and pick one winner. Your stories don’t really affect your chance of winning. But I enjoy reading them.

Update: This contest is closed. picked the number 20. So Clover is the lucky winner!

32 thoughts on “Road Warrior Giveaway”

  1. My in-laws still use dial-up in their home. I would use the Broadband2Go for priceless family and marital harmony when I need to spend time in their wire-less home.


  2. I don’t know where I would use it but I’m sure I could come up with something if I win it.

  3. I have never used my laptop on the go, but would love to try!

  4. I travel a lot between Dallas and NY and this would be awesome!

  5. My home. My grandson has been having seizures of an as yet unknown nature and the school is not equipped to deal with them. Until the neurologist finds out what causes them he is in a Home Bound program and a mobile connection would be a dream for me.

  6. My favorite coffeeshop, which charges for wi-fi! 🙁

  7. Wonderful gveaway! I would use it to help me in my car, sounds lame, but with one daughter in preschool, and the other in Kindergarten, in different cities, I spend a lot of time in my car waiting to pick one or the other up. I’d probably also use it when I go to conferences…because paying for Hotel Wifi is just too limiting and expensive!

  8. Great giveaway! I would give this to my sister-in-law. She is slowly getting more tech savvy – with my help ;o) – and is ready to purchase a netbook. This would be the perfect compliment to that purchase!

  9. This is the spell that catches randomizing code. If written carefully so that it will always pop up first and win all grrly geeky contests, Random is my middle name, and my first name is Ohmy, but my last name is Winner. The Virgin Broadband2Go USB is mine. Ta Da! Thanks GeekGoddess!

  10. Well being the tech-dino that I am, I certainly don’t have one of these gadgets yet…but I am pretty sure I can figure out to use it. But where would I use it? It’s not very glamorous but probably mostly doctor’s waiting rooms. I am so happy for your Copenhagen trip and I truly enjoy your snip-its about your family. Win or lose, the best to you and ‘you go girl’!

  11. Hi I love to travel and I want to go away on a long weekend I do enjoy checking my emails when I am a away and this would be awesome. I want to go to somewhere in Florida perhaps on the west side this time. Anyhow I would love to win it thank for all the updates.

  12. Oh, I could SOOO use one of these! I travel quite often and absolutely hate hotels that charge extra for internet! Why is it the upscale, expensive hotels that do that? Aren’t they getting enough for the room to cover internet access without charging an extra $12.95 per day!?!

    OK, anyway, I’m heading to Asheville this coming week for a conference. Nashville in February for another conference. Who-knows-where in between…

    Thanks for the chance!

  13. I travel to Kuwait from Oregon to visit my husband every 8 to 10 weeks. I hate paying for internet at airports – no thanks that Boingo charges me for each airport, instead of letting me have complete access for 12 or even 24 hours.

    It could be motivation to do more writing in public places 🙂

  14. Well, I’d never get to use it — one of my children would “borrow” it. So don’t give it to me — give it to your admiring husband Dan. 🙂

  15. I have the ability to telecommute, but holidays with the family makes it difficult as my in-laws don’t have the best internet. I would use this to work on holidays (aren’t I terrible? Good excuse to take a break from everyone though!) and so I can keep up with what’s going on in the office when I’m out-of-town.

  16. Loving this prepaid option! I just bought an HP 2140 netbook, that I love, but like you, I can’t justify investing in a $60-80 monthly fee. For now I use my netbook when using public transpo on my commute, but hopefully they’ll be room for a vacation in my near future. I’m thinking lovely Camden, Maine or to visit friends on the West Coast, or maybe my bro in Japan! Thanks for the post!

  17. oh man! i would love to have one of those babies. i’m a poor blogger/podcaster and am always looking for wifi hotspots when ever i have a moment to actually update my site. Thanks!!

  18. I’m going to Chicago, my favorite city in the U.S., and how great would it be to write about The Violet Hour, L20, and the Bean while I’m out, instead of waiting to get back to the hotel? Bliss!

  19. I love gadgets, and this would be great. Was just at a conference, and they did not provide wireless in the conference main hall. Could of used this then.

  20. I am a creativ Memories consultant – scrapbooking and would love to take my laptop around with and be able to download the latest content or even order my digitally designed pages froma party I may be hosting

    Sounds fun

  21. My husband and I travel in a MH, just about anywhere we want. We are leaving Calif. if Feb. and driving across Texas to Florida on to Jekyl Island, Branson, and Memphis. Returning in May. I’m sure there will not be wifi all along the route.
    We have a great grandson is Canada and get pics. and updates weekly if not daily.
    This divice would sure come in handy. Thanks

  22. Everywhere and anywhere is where I seem to be heading these days. Thanks for the chance!! 😀

  23. I have wanted one of these little gadgets for awhile now! My youngest son is an avid football fanatic and plays in an intramural league that practices EVERY night! Because he is only 10, I don’t leave him there alone…..I stay. I always bring my laptop and I try to save the things I don’t need internet access for for when I’m at the field waiting but it never fails that I need to connect….and can’t.

    I look forward to trying it if I win!

    Thanks so much!

  24. This sounds like a pretty handy thing to have on hand. I have investigated this option but I have never found one that was what I considered affordable and did not involve a plan.

    Here at home we have HughesNet, so we are wireless. However, whenever I go somewhere I always have my netbook with me, and of course most of the time I am without internet service. If I happen to go somewhere like McDonald’s. etc. then I can use the internet. Most of the time I am simply going to visit my mother or my sister, or I am waiting in a doctor’s office, etc. Not the kind of places where there is free WiFi available.

    Yes, I just might give this little product a try (if I don’t win it).

    Thanks for the review. I pick up so many great tech tips here and I always, always love the scoop on gadgets!

  25. Copenhagen looks beautiful in that picture. I think you’re very fortunate to be in a place like that. I hope more pictures will be posted. 😀

    I think Broadband2Go sounds like it’d be very convenient. It’s happened that I’m in the middle of working on an assignment for my online homework and my home internet goes out right when I need to submit it. Ahh! The horror! D:

    Even if I don’t win that powerful, little device, I’m certainly going to buy one for myself.

  26. Ohhhh, pick me! When my husband is taking care of my daughter and letting me have some “me” time I love to take my laptop out and surf, read blogs, and get sucked into the internet vortex… 🙂 I just hate being limited to Panera. 🙁 I would LOVE one of these babies! 🙂

  27. I’m leaving for vacation in Colorado on Tuesday and I’m taking my laptop. Hmmm, any chance the giveaway will be over before then?! 🙂

  28. Hi! I’m a college student so I always have my laptop on me. So as to where I plan to use it…I plan on using it everywhere! I’m always trying to find someplace that has free wi-fi so I can use it for some classes when I’m off campus. I don’t have internet on my phone or anything, so this would be PERFECT! 😀

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