Reader Scores Sweet Swag

A while back one of my readers—Maureen—emailed me a question about charging her iPod when she was traveling without her laptop and I answered here on GeekGirlfriends. She was afraid it was a stupid question but the world of chargers, cables, wires, and the various methods for keeping our gadgets fed and happy is confusing, messy, and one of my pet peeves. I once read that Martha Stewart has an entire room—a large closet I think it was–devoted to charging her gadgets. I was instantly struck with Martha envy. But I’ll have to wait till one of my kids goes off to college to get one of those. I can see it now: “Mom! I’ve been gone 24 hours and you turned my room into a gadget charging emporium?!”

Well, in response to Maureen’s question, Melody posted a comment recommending the Belkin Dual USB Charger. This nifty device charges both a cell phone and an iPod so you can get away with just one charger for both of these essentials. Since Melody works for Belkin, she sent me the newer Belkin Rotating Dual Charger to try out. This unit charges an iPod and a cell phone and the plug rotates so it doesn’t hog the entire outlet while it’s at it. Nice.

Well it was Maureen who asked about chargers. So I’m sending this cute gizmo on to her.

Thanks Maureen! Your Dual Rotating Charger is on its way. Please let us know what you think of it.

I love to respond to technical questions here. So if you have one, feel free to post it in the comments. Maybe I can arrange to have the solution shipped directly to you as well? Sweet.

And stay tuned for some terrific gadget giveaways. I’ve got a laptop bag, a sweet MP3 player, a digital picture frame, and more coming up. And they will be easy to win. Like shooting ducks in a barrel (Though I would never do that.) So be sure and subscribe to my feed (by RSS or email) so you don’t miss out.

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  1. Rock on! I gotta update my blog with a link to yours.

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