Itty Bitty Keyboard

I got in a cute little keyboard for cell phones, PDA’s and other small gadgets today. The idea is to help those of us who hate typing long missives into telephone keypads but sometimes–swim meets, doctors office waits–have no choice (save mind-numbing boredom): The Bluetooth Keyboard BFK-200.   It folds up real small and connects Continue Reading

Free Software! (First in a Series)

If Microsoft Office seems to expensive to you, don’t pay it! But don’t be tempted to pirate it either. That’s stealing. Instead use Open Office, which is just as good in many ways (and will make PDF files from your documents, which Microsoft office won’t do.) Open Office is a completely free open source office Continue Reading

Legislators Think Mom’s Can’t Handle the Job

It seems our leaders are worried that we Mom’s aren’t up to the task. They are hatching a scheme to require that the Internet bend over backward to make up for our shortcomings. According to a press release issued this morning by the Progress and Freedom Foundation, “Prompted by child safety concerns, some legislators and state attorneys Continue Reading

Why Skype?

I’m a fan of Skype. The connections are not always perfect but it keeps me in touch with people all over the world and costs almost nothing. When you go to work every day (I don’t) you run into people at the coffee machine, in the break room, on the elevator. I’d miss that if Continue Reading

A Bag To Love

I tried out this handy PocketTop from Belkin for my book and I’m in love with it. It solves a problem I didn’t even know I had: Laptop mess. The idea is you zip the laptop into the bag, string the cord through a slit inside and keep the power cord neatly stowed in the Continue Reading

A Pain in the Neck

How much time do you spend in front of your computer? I seem to live in front of mine. I work there, shop there, and play there. The plus side is that I hardly ever watch TV but the dark side is neck pain. Sitting in front of the TV may not be exactly healthy–as Continue Reading

Getting Organized

Last year, I posted a big calendar on a bulletin board in the kitchen to keep track of everyone in the family’s appointments and commitments. I suppose that worked for some things but it was incomplete. It didn’t tell any of us anything about what Mom and Dad were up to at work because those Continue Reading