I recently placed an order for some lotions at Beauty.com. At the end of the checkout process, I was asked to choose three free samples. I picked mostly perfumes because those tiny sample perfume bottles are so handy for traveling. One of the samples I got was Flower by Kenzo. I tried the stuff and – dang it – fell in love. Even my husband noticed it, got all affectionate, and told me I should get some. He normally hates it when I spend money so I took that as a strong endorsement. But, still, I curse that Beauty.com. If it weren’t for that sample offer, I would never have known I needed this perfume and could have carried on blissfully unaware, my cash safe in my (virtual) pocket. But now my consumerism was in play and I had to know what the stuff cost. Back at Beauty.com, my perfume lust was instantly shot down by a minimum price tag of $56. This was not a +$50 whim so I shrugged and decided to enjoy my sample and forget about it.

But then I remembered that I once ordered some cologne – for someone else — from an online fragrance discounter. I remembered the name of the merchant (though I can, unfortunately, remember nothing about the transaction): FragranceX.com. The same perfume, in the same size bottle, here was $32.96: Now that’s in striking distance! With a free shipping code (look for these at Freeshipping.org), that was my checkout total. Sweet. (Or you can use code CJD2009 to save 10% off your entire order at FragranceX.com. Ends 12/31/09.

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