Now for a Great Giveaway!

I just got back from a great vacation to the San Francisco Bay Area where I ate unprecedented amounts of food with friends and family. And while I was there, I took a lot of photographs with my awesome Sony Alpha 300 DSLR. I love that camera because with it I feel inspired to capture not just snapshots but little moments of art. I don’t want to go on about it too much because I already annoyed all my friends with my tendency to get the camera out in the middle of a walk or conversation and start snapping away like some art-school student or paparazzi. And then when someone made the mistake of politely commenting on my nice camera, I bored them with endless details about the viewfinder, live view feature, and how I’m learning to mess with the F-Stop and light. It’s like I’m in love and I just can’t shut up about it. Most people were polite enough to let me wear myself out. But my brother told me to “just shut up.”

So what if my friends (and my brother) are annoyed? I’m having a blast and I have a ton of great pictures. And that’s where the giveaway comes in. No! I’m not just tricking you into listening to me rant about my new hobby. I really do have an unbelievable giveaway. Not a camera. No. But it’s just as good. Because whatever camera you use, you end up with hundreds of great pictures, right? And then what do you do with them? Do you post them to Flickr? Email them to your family? Print them out and put them in photo books? Leave them on your camera for years?

Or—if you are a totally modern and hip girl—do you load them onto a digital picture frame, hang that frame on the wall, and display hundreds of photos in a space that once held only one? If you win this giveaway, you do that last one. Because I am giving away—thanks to the incomparable Yolanda at Sony—a Sony DPF-V900 Digital Picture frame. This beautiful 9″ digital frame boasts that great image clarity Sony is famous for and will automatically rotate 1,000 of your images. This is such a cool giveaway. I wish I could enter it myself.

So…here’s what you do. Comment on this post. Tell me why you need a digital picture frame. Then I get to play Oprah and give the frame to the neediest (or maybe the funniest) commenter. Tell your Mom to play too because mothers love these (and rarely know about them) and I have a soft spot for Mom’s who can come up with a good sob story—or a funny one.

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  1. Oh – I LOVE contests! I’m about to move 700 miles away from my darling mother in law whom I’ve tried and tried and tried how to use email/internet/online photos to no avail. I know if I gave HER this picture frame – I’d be in like flynn for LIFE!! Just so she can see updated pictures of her darling beautiful 3 granddaughters and #4 on the way.

  2. Snapshots of Ruby
    Curly, dimpled lunatic
    Too many to frame

    Do I get extra credit for phrasing my answer in a haiku?… :o) Pick me, pick me, please!

  3. And to all you potential commenters who are intimidate by Tdi with the dead boyfriend, I’ll tell you in advance that she will not be winning this contest. She is hilarious even in her darkest hour (be careful Gabe!) but she is also my sister and I think there are rules about that somewhere. Even if there aren’t, it just seems wrong.

    Since she commented, though, I’ll send her something she needs more than a picture frame. So don’t worry about her.

  4. Okay, Christina Wood, I’ll make you a deal. You give me the URL, and I’ll deed you the frame!

    Seriously, though. I’ve been cursing you for having my URL for years! (I didn’t want it till I saw you had it. You know how that is.) So it’s nice to finally meet you. I take back all those things I said….:)

  5. I should win the frame because my name is Christina Wood and I am a freelance writer. I think I actually got an assignment once from an editor who thought I was you (the story was on a technology topic). If you can’t keep the frame yourself, wouldn’t giving it to me be the next best thing?

  6. because i’m lazy. yep. award it to a lazy person. printing photos takes too much effort.

    oh, wait, let me change my answer. because i want to protect the environment. yeah, that’s it. no more photo paper! paper kills trees and we need trees. right? except in autumn, when they are annoying. dropping all those leaves on my lawn. then, i have to rake.

    which brings me back to being lazy. too lazy to rake, too lazy to print photos. give it to the lazy person! because you know i’m too lazy to go out and buy one myself.

  7. I need a digital photo frame because I have three little kids. They love to watch photos on the computer and would like them even better in a frame. It keeps them happy, and when they’re occupied, I have a few minutes to cook them dinner!

  8. actually, if I could just have Gabe’s phone number I’ll forget all about my dead boyfriend AND the picture frame AND the pictures of Nova Scotia. 🙂 (sorry kev)

  9. Hi
    Because I change girlfriends more often then my underwear it takes me quite some time to change pictures in the one photo frame I have. This digital frame would really be handy for me.


  10. Now that I’m remarried, I have four children to show off, doubling my opportunity to bore my co-workers to tears with my latest batch of photos!

    If I had all the photos rotating in a digital picture frame, my colleagues could stop by my cubicle at their leisure and bask in the beauty of my two daughters and two stepdaughters.


  11. Everyone in my family, including my 82-year-old father, has a digital picture frame. It’s embarrasing that I don’t have one because my husband and I both have worked in the technology field for years. Maybe my family would like me if I had a DPF.

  12. thanks for the offer!

  13. Hi, when you mention”digital camera” or “pics” i get a little sad, although i am over the initial shock, nausea and frustration of loosing over 4 months of my family’s digital pictures, yes i will never get back the summer of 08 when my children were just 10 & 8…boo hoo/sob.

    While dusting the keyboard (one more reason NOT to dust), I accidentally pressed the F12 key as my computer was booting up. Nothing was ever the same!!!

    After several calls to India, and payments of $59.99 for tech support, I realized that there was no going back…I had done a “system recovery”…which was not a recovery to me, but a demolition …all my software GONE, including emails, and most importantly pictures. I had only done a back up of them in early spring…
    As I was tearfully trying to gain my composure, upon learning this, my only consolation was from the words of my new-found friend; Mamarta, far away in India, another continent, time zone, and culture …she said “Do not be depressed about this Kym, I am very very sorry, but please do not be depressed”.
    So as I download, reload, reformat and get my computer back in order, I think of Mamartha’s words. She was so concerned and compasssionate over “my loss”. She went beyond customer service, also promising to reimburse my money. I have learned a lot through this experience on how to use my computer more wisely. I am making up for lost time & snapping up pics of my children like crazy…would love a new mechanism…need all the help I can get, especially from India!

  14. I desperately need a digital picture frame for three reasons:

    1. I have a blogging partner who has convinced me to photograph everything. Everything. Now what do I do with all the photos of the kids? Family? Friends? (Especially the ones from the Tiki Bar…? Tift Merritt?) I see them on my computer, alas, no one else does. Can’t figure out how to download them on my MP3 player.

    2. We are in renovation purgatory…on week four and no sign of finding any spot clear enough for the homey touches, such as framed family photos. Voila! Digital picture frame: one spot, a thousand pictures. Works for me!

    3. My siblings and parents live in far-flung locations. No one sends prints anymore. Would love to have the rotating digital frame that has my husband’s family as well as mine…so my kids don’t think I was raised by non-photogenic wolves.

  15. I went to Nova Scotia last summer with my boyfriend and he took all these amazing photos…. I personally do not have a digital camera at this time. He past away this winter and I would love to be able to see those pictures on my wall….. they are all stored on my laptop right now…

  16. I desperately need that photo frame so I can display pictures of my lovely, sexy wife.

    there, how’s that? do I win?


  17. Oh oh – enter me! If I could get a digital picture frame I would be in so good with my wife! She has been wanting one of these for a while now, but I keep saying no! I could be a hero to my wife if I brought this home! Pick me – oh please – pick me!

    We just got back from San Francisco a few months ago, and we had the time of our lives there – there is so much stuff to take photos of. Personally I had an awesome time taking pictures at the rock – alcatraz. So many cool old buildings, creepy shadows and awesome views of downtown San Francisco.

    Found you through twitter by the way!

  18. I feel the exact same way about my Alpha. I was at a friend’s kids birthday party the other day and took almost 200 pictures…of someone ELSE’s 4-year-old’s birthday!!!! The Alpha has made me a picture-taking addict!!

  19. I just kissed my day-job goodbye to become an independent media producer… and housewife! Now, I’ll have time to lifecast my adventures… and take photos of our dachshunds Rigatoni and Alfredo, me and John my bald, accordion playing poet of a husband.

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