Nothing is Obvious

I got this letter from a reader earlier this week:

Dear Geek Girlfriend,

I am bringing my iPod on an upcoming vacation but I’m not bringing my laptop. I usually recharge my player by connecting it to my Mac. And I just realized that I have no idea how to recharge it without my computer. It didn’t come with any other charger. Can I charge it on the Windows PC that will be at the vacation house? I’m sorry if this is a dumb question.


Dear Maureen,

This is a very good question. In fact, I don’t think there are any dumb questions when it comes to technology. This stuff is being invented as we speak so why should we consumers already know the answers? That’s what’s cool about it. If you decide today, “I’m going to be a Geek Goddess!” And you are open to new ideas. You can quickly be on nearly equal footing with someone who’s been a geek for years simply because the technology changes every day. This is why kids are such quick studies on technology. They don’t tell themselves they should already know something. They just jump in and play.

As for charging the iPod. You have several choices. Yes, according to Apple, you can charge it on the Windows PC at the vacation house. If your vacation didn’t include a PC, though, you could also get a wall chargerfor it. These are sold as an accessory and there are lots of options. I also like universal chargers that are easy to pack along and let me charge all my gadgets at once. In particular I like the Callpodcharger, which has travelled with me on all sorts of great vacations and keeps my charging station at home in order too.

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  1. Goodday
    Awesome post – i’m creating video about it and i will post it to yahoo video !
    if you think to help or just need a link send me email !

  2. I work at Belkin, and we have a wall charger that will charge both your iPod (or iPhone) and a BlackBerry (or any cell phone that charges via USB). This way, when you’re traveling, you can bring just one charger to charge both your cell phone and your iPod– which means less electronics to schlep with you on your trip!

    It’s called the Dual USB Power Adapter:

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