NextIssue: Netflix for Magazines

I am a magazine addict. I would subscribe to everything I could get my hands on if it weren’t for the clutter. And the cost. So I am thrilled with NextIssue, a all-I-can-read newsstand for my tablet.

I run the Windows 8 app. But it is available for Android Tablets and iPads. For one price ($10 or $15 depending on plan), every magazine I want shows up on my tablet the minute it arrives on newsstands. (This is the digital version of the print magazine, not the magazine’s Web site or a subset of the print version.)

Here’s a video of the Windows 8 app in action:

I can read (almost) everything. I don’t have to recycle anything. My coffee table is happy. I’m happy. Bonus: The app stores all the back issues and I don’t have to organize or dust them.