Netflix for Families

I like Netflix better than most other things for my kids TV watching needs. It lets them watch on the device they have, lets me keep an eye on what they watch, and sometimes — when I see one of them has watched a movie I like — it sparks good dinner conversation. I shut off cable in favor of Netflix and Amazon Video on Demand delivered to our laptops, tablets, or Roku-enabled TV years ago. I did it to get the kids away from the endless cartoon channels while allowing them access to great TV shows and movies.

But when I watch something, it shows me what else is being watched in the house, so I get insight into what they are interested in. This can head off trouble. But more often, it means we talk about things that interest us both. When my son discovered Westerns, we had some great dinner conversations about one of my favorite genres.

If your kids are young and you are wondering how to get this all works, Netflix set up a page to explain — and suggest movies.

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  1. So the kids can see when you watch x-rated movies on netflix?

    Nice 🙂

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