Need Stocking Stuffers?


I know it’s getting late but I always do stocking stuffers at the last minute. So if you are still a bit stumped for party exchanges or little things to throw in a stocking, here are a few things that have crossed my desk lately that made it to my short list.

Balanza Mini $25

I packed this tiny baggage scale with me on all my recent travels. Not only did it keep me from having to pay excess baggage charges but I also managed to use it to weigh packages I was shipping via Fedex. Perfect for anyone who travels. It’s tiny and weighs only .2 pounds.

Grace Audio Eco Extreme $50

Grace Digital Eco Extreme GDI-AQCSE102 Speaker System Case - Cobalt Blue

Drop your MP3 player into this speaker, lock it down, and take it on the sloped. My teen wore it on his shoulder at the beach in the summer and I was thrown back in the 80s. Remember when everyone thought they were cool sporting transistor radios on one shoulder? You can even drop this in the water and it will float and keep your player dry.

Golla phone bags $2 and up at

Golla G759 Camera Case - Polyester, Nylon - Black

If your phone is your constant companion, you are probably cursing all those clothes that don’t have pockets. No need. Clip one of these to a belt or waistband and drop your phone in. These are less likely to make pocket calls than your jeans. And there is room for a little cash, a couple of keys, and a credit card so it may be all you need. Best of all, these are CHEAP at Put one in everyone’s stocking.

The Jabra Stone 2 ($130 at

I know that I have said I am on the fence about Bluetooth headsets. But this one, which Jabra sent to me to try out a couple of weeks ago, I seem to wear every day. It’s a lot like the Jabra Stone that came out a while back. It has a little case/charger that gives it a boost charge. And it fits comfortably over the ear. It’s even sort of invisible. (I asked my husband what he thought of it and it took him 10 minutes of frisking me to find it.) But the best part is that it tells me what’s up. “Connected,” it says into my ear when it finds my phone. It even tells me who is calling when my phone rings. And it has voice apps. Got a phone addict on your list? Can you say accessorize?

GelaSkins (various prices)


Beautiful art you can stick to a laptop, MP3 player, or phone. People come up to me in cafes to tell me how beautiful my laptop is. You can even upload your own art to use on a skin.

USB Cell batteries ($19)

Don’t forget the batteries. And these AAs will recharge in any USB port – whether in a computer or a power outlet. Super handy for keeping an inexpensive wireless mouse running without filling the landfill with dead batteries.

LaCie XtremKey from $149

LaCie XtremKey 131076 Flash Drive - 16 GB
I have nicknamed my teenager “The Destroyer” for his ability to destroy phones, computers, Mp3 players, and anything electronic. There is absolutely no technology under the tree for him this year. (Everyone has learned even ifhe hasn’t.) But if he was to get anything, it would be this keychain drive so that he can use public computers with spill guards and locks and keep his data safe on this cool-looking and indestructible keychain drive.

Isotoner SmarTouch Gloves

These gloves let you use your touch screen device in the cold. And they look oh so stylin’, too. And today is the last day to enter my giveaway here at GeekGirlfriends. I’ve been super swamped and have not had yet picked a winner but I’m getting to it today so go here and post a comment to get your pair.